How to Read Your Evaluated Articulation Results

The Evaluated Articulation Results document provides you with information on the number and types of credits that will transfer to Iowa State. It consists of the following sections:

Transfer Credit Summary: This shows the total credits attempted and accepted by type of credit as well as Credit by Exam that you have entered. The "Total Hours Submitted" is credit as presented from the source institution and "Total Hours Accepted" is the number of semester credits that you will receive in transfer.

Degrees Received: The evaluation will reflect the degree(s) that you entered into TRANSIT. Once you are offered admission to Iowa State, any degrees earned will be entered directly from official transcripts.

Institutional Credit: This section outlined your transfer credit by last institution attended. Courses are listed according to type of credit (academic, career technical, and remedial).

Note that courses that have no direct Iowa State University equivalent are listed by level (1T, 2T, 3T, 4T). Courses numbered 1T and 2T are generally considered to be freshman/sophomore level, with 3T and 4T indicating junior/senior level. A number is assigned after the "T" so courses without an equivalent can be distinguished from each other in the degree audit.

Transfer Credit Limitations

No more than 65 semester or 97 quarter credits earned at two-year colleges can be applied to a baccalaureate degree from Iowa State University. While there is no limit to the number of credits that may be transferred from a four-year institution, your last 32 credits must be completed at Iowa State. Iowa State will accept up to 16 semester (24) quarter hours of credit earned in career technical courses if your community college accepts such courses toward its associate in arts or associate in science degrees.

You should consult with your departmental adviser concerning the number of Pass-Not Pass credits that can be used toward your degree. If you transfer more than nine Pass-Not Pass credits, then additional P-NP credits cannot be taken at Iowa State and applied toward a degree at Iowa State.

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